Leonardo DiCaprio on Privacy in Hollywood at The Great Gatsby Premiere: "It's Just What It Is"

By Bruna Nessif May 02, 2013 4:15 AMTags
Watch: Leo DiCaprio on Why He's So Private

It's no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio has had one very successful career in show business, but if he could go back in time and relive his past, would he?

"Yeah, I mean, I'd probably like to be 20 years young and start this all over again. Why not?," he told E! News' Jason Kennedy and Alicia Quarles at The Great Gatsby premiere tonight in Los Angeles, but Leo is really content with where he is.

"No, I'm really fine the way I am today and look—with age comes more wisdom and more relaxation, so I probably wouldn't wanna repeat anything."

Along with fame comes a decreased amount of privacy, but DiCaprio's done well in his years under the spotlight to keep guarded during interviews and to make sure that not every single detail about his personal life is spread out into the public. 

"You go into this industry, and I've been incredibly fortunate, incredibly lucky to have the opportunity that I have and to me what's always paramount is the work and I wanna continue to do this and be believable in my roles," he tells us. "And other than that, everyone just wants to have their private life and have that remain somewhat sacred. So it's no big, premeditated plan, it's just what it is."

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