Zoe Saldana, Instyle UK

Instyle UK

Hanging out with guys like Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch all day, who can blame Zoe Saldana for her current outlook on the opposite sex?

"I worship men. Men are Adonises," the Star Trek Into Darkness star says in the June issue of InStyle UK, in which she not only stuns in a series of photos by Damon Heath, but also opens up about love—and its consequences.

"When it didn't work [with ex-fiancé Keith Britton], it was heartbreaking for the both of us, but it's life," says Saldana, who split from Britton after 11 years together back in 2011. She most recently dated Bradley Cooper, but they quietly called it quits in December.

"I believe in love because I had it for so long, so I know it's possible," Saldana muses. "I'm not one of these people who's going, 'Oh, because I was with someone for so long I need to take a break.' What if love is just around the corner?"

As for the type of man she's hoping to meet around the corner one of these days...

"A badass renegade! A pirate!" she exclaims. "A pirate who can cry. Oh, my God!"

Capt. Kirk types, take note.

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