Another week, another newscaster goes viral thanks to an on-air flub.

Following A.J. "F--kin' S--t" Clemente's fall from weekend news glory (to later rise from the local ashes with a tour-de-talk shows), CSN Chicago's Susannah Collins had a bit of a Freudian slip while reporting on the Chicago Blackhawks.

While reporting from outside the Blackhawks dressing room, a stones throw from all those naked hockey players, Collins explained, "This is the season that matters and despite the fact that they had such a tremendous amount of sex during the regular season."

She meant to say success.

Susannah took it all in stride, tweeting, "Don't worry, I'll do my best to avoid saying 'Clutterbuck' tonight. Can't have a other slip-up! #thatdidntgothewayiplanned"

She good-naturedly continued, "Thanks for laughing along with me & my 'tremendous' slip, guys. Who couldn't use a good chuckle every now & then right?? #Whoops!"

The Blackhawks ended up winning the game, night one of the Stanley Cup playoffs, 2-1.

(Probably because they were having so much sex.)

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