Beyoncé Accidentally Embarrasses Princess Eugenie Mid-Concert—Watch Now!

Singer randomly picks royal to help sing "Irreplaceable" chorus, but stage fright overtakes Eugenie

By Rebecca Macatee May 01, 2013 4:40 PMTags

Beyoncé is the queen, and even real-life princesses get nervous in her presence!

Yep, according to the U.K.'s Mirror, Princess Eugenie had an embarrassing moment of stage fright when Jay-Z's wife suddenly thrust her into the spotlight during Tuesday's London Mrs. Carter Show.

Eugenie, 23, was reportedly in the front row with James Middleton and his rumored new girlfriend, Donna Air. During "Irreplaceable," the young royal was the lucky (or in this case, unlucky) audience member picked at random by Beyoncé to help sing the chorus.

PHOTO: Bey and Blue Ivy enjoy lunch in Paris

But the cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry froze on the spot, unable to come up with, "To the left, to the left," even when prompted by Bey herself! According to the British tab, Eugenie mouthed the words, saying nothing, then ducked to the ground and hid.

"It was hilarious," said a fellow attendee. "[Eugenie] was really excitable and filming the whole thing on her iPhone like any other fan."

"Beyoncé clearly didn't recognize her so when it came to 'Irreplaceable,' and the part where she picks on an audience member to join in with her, she simply chose the first woman she could reach," adds the concertgoer.

All of the princess's friends, were, according to the source, "teasing her about her stage fright for hours afterwards."

Hey now, it's hard not to get nervous in the presence of Queen Bey!