New Girl


New Girl fans, get ready to get your squee on.

Sources tell us the season finale, airing May 14 on Fox, is not to be missed—particularly if you care about such globally important issues as:

Without giving too much away, we can tell you that, according to our sources, the following statements are true about the season finale:

  1. One core couple (Nick and Jess or Cece and Schmidt) will end up together.
  2. The other core couple (Nick and Jess or Cece and Schmidt) will be left cliffhanging in a love triangle, with a big choice to be made.
  3. According to our spies, Taylor Swift's guest spot is just one scene but is crazy good. And yes, her role ties into all the romantic developments in the season finale, which goes down at Cece's wedding.

So, which couple will be left in a cliffhanger all summer long, leaving our tender hearts in a vice grip? Well, in case you missed it, we just posted an amazing first look at Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien guest-starring in tonight's episode as a blast from Jess' past...Clearly, some ridiculously charming competition for Nick. (We should all have such problems. No really. Where can we get that?!)

And we can tell you that Schmidt's ex-girlfriend, played by Nurse Jackie's Merritt Wever, is also not going anywhere anytime soon.

Which means both core couples will be part of some kind of love triangle. (Can we call it a love star?)

So, time to place your bets, New Girl fans. Which couple do you think will round out season two in happy coupledom? And which couple will keep us cliffhanging?

Sleuth it out in the comments section below!

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