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Still trying to get out the stain your jaw left on the floor after The Following's finale? Well, scrub it up, you slob, because we've got scoop on what's next!

In today's Spoiler Chat, one of the Fox hit's stars teases what's to come after that doozy of a finale. We're also sharing scoop on Taylor Swift's upcoming guest appearance on New Girl, the next season of Homeland, as well as deadly Beauty and the Beast finale details!

Plus, we've got spoilers on Game of Thrones, 90210 and more!

Giselle: Can you eliminate a show from your finale-death blind item in last week's Spoiler Chat?
Only because we are in a wonderful mood. You can knock out Hawaii Five-0 from our list. You're welcome.

Kelsey in Indianapolis: The Following finale was insaaaane! Now I need scoop on season two, if you have it. Please have it!
Can you wrap your mind around a global Joe Carroll cult? Because according to James Purefoy, that's where we are headed. "All we've seen so far is a quite small geographical area where most of the action took place, and that was in Richmond, Virginia," he tells us. "I also am very aware that Joe's Internet chat rooms and his websites, and all those things, some of which have been found some haven't, are going full. So frankly, Joe can go anywhere." Now that is a frightening thought.

Aimee: Dying for scoop on New Girl, my favorite sitcom on TV right now! Are you hearing anything about Taylor Swift?
Only that she's basically made of kittens and rainbows! "She's a terrific actress. She nailed it. Every single time," Max Greenfield gushes of the superstar. "Taylor Swift made me reevaluate how much effort I put into my own work when I show up to set every day." Bonus scoop for tonight's episode: Prepare for one of the funniest Schmidt-Nick scenes. Ever. (It has to do be with lube. A lot of it.) "It was f—king aggressive! We just went for it," Greenfield teases.

Jeremy: Excited that Beauty and the Beast was picked up for a second season. Give us some scoop to celebrate!
Well, we're not sure you are going to want to celebrate after we share what executive producer Jennifer Levin told us about the season-one finale. "We are building towards someone that we really care about, their life is in jeopardy," she teases. "We are building towards a secret being revealed about Cat's family that is not what you might think."

Damian Lewis, Homeland


Ann: Can we expect any familiar faces to return in the 90210 series finale?
Sadly, longtime fans won't be seeing characters such as Ethan, Ryan, the Wilson parentals return for the swan song. Consolation prize: At least two fan-favorite couples will end up together!

Trisha: I feel like it's been ages since we got Homeland scoop. Can you help?
Homeland is one of those shows where storylines are kept very under wraps, but we managed to wiggle some scoop out of Morena Baccarin. Brody's (former) wife tells us to expect some exciting stories with her daughter, Dana, ones that include some "crying." Hopefully no more hit and run plots. When we begged for more dish, she just told us: "That's all I know!" Who knew a show about the CIA would be so secretive?

Liam: Game of Thrones season three is definitely its best yet! Any scoop on what to expect next?
One of the show's upcoming three weddings will go down in the May 19 episode, during which Sansa and Tyrion will have to spend the night together. Hmmm…could the duo be the couple saying "I do" during the hour? And yes, Shae is super-pissed about Tyrion's impending nuptials.

Rebecca: Please, any scoop on The Mindy Project? I'm uhhhhbsessed!
Get in line, sister! We are the card-carrying founders of the Mindy for All the Awards fan club. A source tells us that the season finale will be something of a cliffhanger with Mindy leaving the country. And no, Danny won't be going with her but there is still a silver lining for you fellow Mindy and Danny shippers.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Marc Malkin

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