Credit Leonardo DiCaprio for getting Jay-Z involved in The Great Gatsby.

The A-lister dished to E! News about the role he played helping bring the hip-hop megstar together with the movie's director Baz Luhrmann—a meeting which led Jay-Z to come aboard and executive produce Gatsby's jazz age-inspired soundtrack.

"I can't say me specifically but I think I suggested [Jay-Z] to Baz," DiCaprio said. "I made the introduction, 'cause I know Baz [in] his great search to create this spectacle that is a Baz Luhrmann movie wanted to, in a sense, modernize the music in a lot of ways. And jazz was kind of the equivalent of hip-hop in that era."

He continued: "So I suggested Jay-Z, and then they started working together and had a great collaboration and worked on the movie tirelessly."

To that end, Hova contributed the song "$100 Bill."

Meanwhile DiCaprio, who plays Gatsby's titular high-flying protagonist, Jay Gatsby, also discussed his own life in the spotlight these days.

"I suppose it's…really my friends and family and the people I know around me that kind of keeps me grounded on a constant basis," he added.

—Reporting by Jason Kennedy

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