Kevin Spacey just turned the House of Cards into a House of Nerds.

In a spoof of the Netflix show for the White House Correspondents' Dinner, also known as "Nerd Prom," the House of Cards star joined the likes of Sen. John McCain, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and more, poking fun at Conan O' Brien, NBC and others in the star-studded video. 

In one particularly comedic scene of "House of Nerds," McCain and Spacey take a jab at the dinner's host, O'Brien, with McCain referencing the redheaded comedian saying, "He's the one that got fired from the Tonight Show right?"

"Yes, and then he moved over to TBS," Spacey replied.

 "Is that a real network?" McCain asks. "No, but neither is NBC," Spacey quips. 

"Can't we do better than Conan, like Jimmy Kimmel? We're trying to rebrand—appeal to the youngsters," McCain went on. "Sorry, but Conan is the best we can do," Spacey responded. 

The parody also touched on other political joke-worthy topics, like former congressman Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal. 

Spacey plays his House of Cards character, congressman Frank Underwood in the five-minute clip, in which CBS News' Major Garrett and White House spokesperson Jay Carney also make an appearance, to name a few. 

Don't look for any of these politicos to be on the real show, though. 

Spacey told us earlier this week House of Cards will continue to be real-life politician free.

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