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Terrence Jenkins is getting fit! Well, fitter than he already is.

The E! News cohost and his celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins (known for working with celebs like Pink, Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland) are getting in shape and sexy for summer. Terrence is also getting toned for his upcoming movie Think Like a Man Too in which he goes shirtless for a scene!

"I'm super excited to get in shape for the summer," Terrence says. "This will be the first time that I've worked our every day for six weeks and I can't wait to see the results!"

And you can get fit too. Just follow Terrence and Jeanette's six-week shape-up series and you'll be on the road to showing off your hot bod just like Terrence!

Terrence's Road to Shirtless Week 1: No Equipment, No Excuse—Total Body Circuit:

1. Jog on the spot with high knees—30 seconds—then sprint on the spot—30 seconds
2. Push-ups with side planks between each push-up (alternate right and left)—20-30 reps
3. Jump squats—25 reps

Terrence Jenkins, Jeanette Jenkins, Twitter


4. Side shuffles—10 reps each direction 
5. Mountain climbers (push-up position, alternate bringing legs up toward arms, one leg up while one leg still straight back)—30 reps
6. Bicycle crunches (opposite elbow to opposite knee while laying on your back)—25-50 reps
7. Tricep push-ups (hands behind you on a bench while facing forward, bend and straighten arms)—15-25 reps 
8. Burpees (stand up, put hands down to floor, push legs out, do a push-up, bring legs in and sand back up)—10-15 reps 
9. Stationary lunges, alternating right and left legs—10-15 reps 
10. Pull-ups—6-15 reps—repeat 3x

Finish with a total body stretch.

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