Stuck in a "Coachella comedown"?

You aren't alone. Not only is fab fashion personality P'Trique still rocking her desert chic flower crown, she's also processing the fashion hits—and misses!—we saw on famous faces at the annual music and arts festival.

And amidst the sea of fringed tops and cutoff shorts, you better believe the fashionista spotted some #chictothenextlev looks.

Among P'Trique's faves? Katy Perry who "nailed it in D&G" in an "ovs-the-top" outfit and Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O (or Karen OMG, as P'Trique calls her) in an ensemble that looked like "David Bowie had a mariachi love child," which is apparently a good thing?

Not so lucky, was Carmen Electra, who earned a less-than-flattering comparison to  "James Franco from Spring Breakers meets Amanda Bynes circa 2004." Ouch.

Watch the video to hear the rest of P'Trique's colorful commentary! 

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