Kristin Cavallari, Coco Eco

Vijat Mohindra/Coco Eco

Kristin Cavallari certainly has turned over a new leaf.

The former reality TV star has come a long way from Laguna Beach's wild child—she's now a dotting mom to 8-month-old, Camden, and loving fiancée to NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

Now, she's also looking to better her relationship with Mother Nature. Talking with Coco Eco magazine, the 26-year-old credits her son for her greener outlook. "I don't want to put anything on him which has chemicals, and so everything is organic. It also makes you think about what you're putting on your own body," she explains. "If you don't want it on your baby, why would you want it on yourself."

Her style has also seen an eco-friendly shift as well. While posing for magazine, stylist Jacqueline Rezak dressed the star in vintage and green fashions, including pieces from Lara Miller.

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