Just call them M&M.

Mariah Carey has released a teaser for her new single "#Beautiful," featuring R&B singer Miguel. And by the looks of these two, fans are in for one sensuous collaboration.

The clip begins with the image of a butterfly. Playing over it is the sound of a crackling vinyl record and a sample of a plucky yet entrancing guitar riff that's interrupted by the scratch of a needle. It then loops over again and the word "Mariah" flashes onscreen.

That's followed by the sound of Carey giggling over a series of images of the American Idol judge posing sexily for the camera, hair tousled by a wind, interspersed with shots of Miguel lounging about wearing dark shades and Mariah kicking off her red high heels while sitting atop a motorbike.

The title of her new tune, "#Beautiful," then pops up with the words "The New Era Begins."

It can't come soon enough.

"#Beautiful" is set to drop worldwide on May 16.

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