Zach Braff, Kickstarter

Kickstarter, the website that popularized crowd-sourced fundraising for poor shmoes with dreams but no money, has recently been embraced by more high profile entrepeneurs. The now defunct show Veronica Mars recently raised $5.7M to help fund a transition to the big screen. 

Smelling opportunity, Zach Braff has jumped on board, raising $1.5M for his independent film Wish I Was Here in under 24 hours. It may seem a little contrary to the spirit of Kickstarter to let a presumably wealthy and connected celebrity pandhandle for your hard earned monies but don't go blaming Zach just yet. He's hardly the only famous person currently scrambling for a slice of the pie.


Brangelina Will you help a child in need? Your donation could help buy a child the Playstation 4 or Google Glasses he won't shut up about. Or pay a nanny's wages for a week, so we can have some 'us' time in Tahiti. Please help. Our children are counting on you.

Angelina Jolie, Pax

Santi / Splash News

Mitt Romney Hi folks. I recently sunk a lot of capital in a failed venture and wouldn't mind a little extra income to help maintain the quality of life that my wife and I have grown accustomed to. Specifically, your contributions will help facilitate my annual Spring bulk buy of business slacks and a Netflix subscription for Anne and I. People keep telling me I need to watch House of Cards but 10 bucks a month seems a little steep!

Mitt Romney, Facebook


Kim Kardashian Hey guys. So as you probably know—at least you should know—Kanye and I have another Kardashian on the way. Unfortunately, self-promotion is a full time job and neither of us have found the time to do any baby shopping. I've had my eye on this super darling papoose by Prada but my stupid producers won't pay for it. Unjustifiable expense? So lame. Would you all be a total dear and like buy it for me?

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Wagner Az/AKM-GSI

McDonalds: Yo homies! We got franchises all up in this planet. Almost every country worldwide, y'feel? Now we're branching out and building a McD's on the Moon! Ain't no way we lettin' Starbucks get there first. Who's lovin' it?



P. Diddy I'm working on a new album, to be released in conjunction with my new cologne Hump Musk, my new clothing line EffYall, and my P. Diddy branded bottle water, called  WH20TER. Yeah, it's ambitious. It's unprecedented. It's my legacy. Now, I'm not saying I need your money but, for tax purposes, I need your money. Hit me up if you want in on the ground floor. Also, call me Piff-Diddly from now on. PEACE!

Sean Combs


Charlie Sheen Greetings Internet plebeians! Commander Sheen here, humbly requesting that you give me your money right now. I made some bad investments, lent money, mistakes were made. It happens; NO REGRETS! For reasons that are none of your business, I need a Bengal tiger, an EKG machine, horse tranquilizers, a blood centrifuge, and an oversized hospital gurney. I gave you Navy Seals and Men at Work. Now it's your turn to give something back.

Charlie Sheen, Tonight SHow
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