If you ask Katie Couric, pregnancy wasn't all it's cracked up to be.

Appearing on Chelsea Lately, the journalist and talk-show queen looked back at the now-humorous dilemmas she endured while giving birth to her first daughter, Ellie, back in 1991, including a pain in her coccyx.

"You know, when I was pregnant with Ellie, she never dropped because my coccyx protruded too much into my uterus. So they…said if I wanted to have a regular delivery that they were gonna have to break my coccyx," Couric told Chelsea Handler.

"And she would have to come out your ass," joked the funnylady, prompting laughs from Couric and the audience.

(For the record, coccyx pain is tailbone pain that often occurs during childbirth.)

Couric revealed that she then opted to undergo a C-section.

"But when I had my C-section, you know they put this tent over you. And they put your arms on this board so you don't flail. So you feel like you're being crucified and they're cutting you open. And my husband [the late Jay Monahan] was on that end—bless his heart—and he was, like, 'Your uterus looks just like a portabello mushroom.' I said, 'Thanks honey, that's really helpful.'"

"That's funny because I just happen to be starving right now," quipped Chelsea.

Tune into Chelsea Lately tonight at 11 p.m.

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