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By Team WWK Apr 25, 2013 1:00 PMTags

Just can't wait until your favorite shows are on tonight?

Don't worry, we're about to make the wait a bit more bearable with today's Spoiler Chat, which includes scoop on what's going on with Sue on Glee after the school shooting and which character will cause Scandal fans to say "OMG!"

Also included in the column are spoilers on The Following's highly anticipated finale, the new season of True Blood and Teen Wolf's hot new Alphas, as well as scoop on The Killing, Nikita and more!

Gregg: Any Mikita update would be great!
Nikita's season finale title? "'Til Death Do Us Part." Yay! Not so yay? The whole death thing for Michael and Nikita might come in that episode as Nikita is forced to choose between saving herself or saving Michael by Amanda. Party pooper!

Aden: Can you give me Pretty Little Liars or Glee scoop?! Mostly PLL, I need a fix!
So Glee then? Well as you can see in the photo at the top of the story, Sue's plan to protect Becky will quickly unravel after Blaine becomes suspicious about the whole school shooting incident. But at least Sue found another job pretty quickly! "Sue is teaching aerobics at a 23 Hour Fitness. They need that extra hour to…I don't want to tell you what it is!" Jane Lynch laughs to us. "It's too dirty. It has something to do with the steam room, though." Let your imagination run wild with that. But if it were up to Lynch, Sue will be back and around for the rest of this season…and the next two! "I hope my throne will be restored. I hope to be back," she says.

Pepper: I'm too lazy to ask for specific show scoop, so just hit me with whatever you got.
We don't mean to be a spoilsport (what are we saying, we love being that!), but we have on good authority to believe that there will be a finale death in at least one of these four shows. And by good authority, we mean someone on the cast told us. Here are the four shows to speculate over: Bones, Grimm, Hawaii Five-0 and Grey's Anatomy.

Ariel: I am on the edge of my seat waiting for The Following finale! Seriously, I've been sitting on the edge of my seat since Monday night. It's very uncomfortable and I need scoop to help take my mind off of it.
Ouch, just shimmy back to a more comfortable position! But we did just talk to Joe Carroll himself, aka James Purefoy about the finale, so we'll give up some teases. He told us that the finale will be "explosive, but literally and figuratively," and that the confrontation with Joe, Ryan and Claire is not to be missed! (Duh). But our favorite bit of scoop from Purefoy (or Pure Joy, as we call him) was this: He said we're going to need an inhaler for Agent Parker's storyline in the finale, because it's especially "gripping." Now we're the ones sitting uncomfortably on the edge of our seats!

Andy in Indiana: The wait for new episodes of The Killing is killing me! Get it? Spoilers, please!
Oh, your wit astounds us. Check out your first look at the new season via this creepy photo AMC recently released. Season three will find Linden and Holder reuniting to search for a runaway girl that leads them to string of gruesome murders. And as they dig deeper, Linden discovers that there is a connection to an old murder investigation she was in charge of. And we've probably said this before, but it bears repeating: The case will be solved by the end of the 10 episodes.

Shawn: Got any scoop on Scandal since it finally returns tonight?!
Oh, you thought Mellie was vicious? Just you wait ‘til tonight's episode, in which she makes her boldest and most daring move yet. Put a pillow on the floor now so you won't hurt your jaw when it drops later!

Jessie: Howlin' for some goods on Teen Wolf!
We'll choose to ignore your cheesy way of asking and continue on with the scoopage: Though the Alpha twins look alike, they do have very different personalities. "Ethan's a little more not reserved, but cunning, manipulative," Charlie Carver says of his character, whom he calls the "brains." However, he does note, "I don't think Aiden is that dumb, but I'd say I'm like a velociraptor." Yikes, watch out, Danny! Also, we're pretty sure Tumblr and Twitter might explode after they see the twins transition into wolves for the first time.

Bella: I've been loving your True Blood spoilers! Got anymore?
Do you remember when Anna Camp's character paid a sexy visit to Jason Stackhouse while he was in the tub? Ahhh, memories. Anyway, Camp told us that in the upcoming season of T.B. "we're going to see a lot more" of that kind of stuff! Huzzah! "Everybody gets really, really naked," she previews. "But that's what the show is, and that's HBO, and I love that kind of stuff." So do we, Ms. Camp. So do we.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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