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Sounds like Alexis Neiers won't be first in line to see The Bling Ring.

"@AmyKinLA it's trashy and inaccurate," the reality-TV star, who spent 30 days in jail for her role in burglarizing Orlando Bloom's house back in 2009 and who inspired Emma Watson's character in the film, tweeted to Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman.

She had asked for Neiers' thoughts on the new trailer for the Sofia Coppola-directed film, based on a real-life band of young thieves who broke into a number of celebrities' homes and stole millions of dollars' worth of jewelry and other luxury items. Six people, including Neiers, were ultimately charged and convicted of various roles in the burglary ring.

"Based on Detective Goodkin and Nancy Joe Sales inaccurate information," Neiers continued on Twitter. "2 people who are everything they accused us of being. Celebrity status obsessed, fame & money hungry.

"The truth will come out soon enough and I have no intention of seeing this film," she concluded, after which she retweeted a post from Watson, dated March 8: "I don't really 'star' in the Bling Ring. I am probably 3rd/4th of the lead characters. (In case media/marketing is a bit misleading.)"

The Harry Potter heroine is the film's biggest star, however, with Leslie Mann and Gavin Rossdale being the other two most prominent names among the ensemble.

Neiers posted on her blog April 5 that, that after seeing a teaser for The Bling Ring, she felt it was "just another party movie based on teens robbing celebrity homes."

"I can only hope that this movie does not just tell the story of Los Angeles teens robbing the homes of celebrities because that, I don't believe, would have much impact on people as what I believe the real cultural obsession with what the Bling Ring is. See as a society we are so focused in this day and age on what celebrity is doing what and we have gotten off track...We are obsessed, I believe because we want an inside look into the real life of these celebrities and we enjoy publicly scrutinizing people because they 'sin' differently then we do. It is a method of distracting us from having to look at our own actions and sick behavioral patterns."

But, she added, "I am still hoping that this movie will accurately show what I have described above and I have faith in Sofia's ability and in this film."

The masses can judge for themselves when The Bling Ring hits theaters June 14. The movie will also screen as an Un Certain Regard selection at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

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