Kevin Spacey, Capitol File

Andrew Eccles/Capitol File

Kevin Spacey has a message for would-be voters: Just because he plays a politician on TV doesn't mean he has aspirations for higher office.

While talking about Netflix's hit political drama House of Cards in which he stars as fictional conniving Rep. Francis "Frank" J. Underwood, the 53-year-old actor said in a cover story for Capitol File that he has no plans to get into politics himself.

"I'm a person who likes to set a goal and then achieve it. I like to get things done," Spacey told the Washington D.C.-based magazine. "I would never walk into a profession where I'd [know] I was going to be frustrated for the rest of my life."

The Oscar winner also noted that the miniseries, executive produced and directed by his Se7en director David Fincher, has surprised him in how its stories have come close to mirroring real life.

"We were in the middle of filming House of Cards during a presidential election. I'd often go back to the hotel and turn on the TV, and think to myself, 'Our story lines aren't that crazy,'" he added.

And no doubt neither is the idea of actors jumping into politics, though we think Ashley Judd might beg to differ.

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