Are you a badass bitch who, furthermore, likes to bitch it up? Do you find that question confusing and obtuse? Just watch pop burning sensation Holotka's new music video, Bitch It Up. With liberal use of autotune and collagen, it should help clarify absolutely nothing for you.

If we understand correctly, 'bitching it up' mostly entails:

- A sizable divorce settlement

- Spending said settlement on perpetual shopping sprees

- Spending more of said settlement on glorifying said perpetual shopping sprees

- Testing the tensile strength of your synthetic parts by mashing them violently against anyone and everyone

- Embarrassing your kids

- Embarrassing your kids' kids

- Embarrassing your kids' kids' friends by tongue kissing them on the Internet

- Menopause


Then again, we may be completely off base. The lyrics leave a lot of room for interpretation.

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