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Diane Keaton had a serious case of the giggles on Ellen DeGeneres' show.

The actress stopped by to discuss her upcoming flick, The Big Wedding, and began the interview with a heaping helping of red wine on ice before divulging that her character in the film is interested in Tantric sex.

Keaton joked: "The character that I played was somebody else, so I'm not going to be blamed for this. The definition is something like when you have Tantric sex you go for a long time and you have that thing called the orgasm for nine hours. That's ridiculous!"

"I'm glad this movie is over," she said while laughing.

DeGeneres continued to probe the bubbly star about her escapades with men and her current relationship status.

The TV show host asked, "I didn't know you want to get married?"

"Oh, I'd like to get married. What happened was nobody ever asked me," Keaton said, which led DeGeneres to suggest maybe she could now. "I don't think so—not after this show."

Well, married or not, there's a lot to love about Keaton in this daffy interview.

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