Rebecca Black is back! And it's only a Tuesday!

The "Friday" singer followed up her "hit" (or whatever) viral video with two addition songs, "My Moment" and "Sing It," but neither captured the same fun, fun, fun, fun of the original.

But she's back with a new sound (which is apparently the Internet's roundabout way of saying that she doesn't sound awful anymore) and a cover of Rihanna's "Stay," along with fellow YouTuber Dave Days.

Sadly, there are no cameos by this girl:

Rebecca Black GIF

(What happened to that girl?!)

But otherwise, what do you make of the new and improved (definitely, definitely improved) Rebecca Black? We can all agree that it's at least better than Vin Diesel's cover, right?

Oh, and in case you blocked this out of your memory, here's "Friday" for your easy listening pleasure. It's Fry-ah-day!  It's Fry-ah-day! Gotta get down on Fry-ah-day!

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