The Iceman, Chris Evans

Millennium Films

Is that you, Chris Evans?!

The Captain America star is almost unrecognizable in his upcoming flick The Iceman, about real-life 1970s contract killer Richard Kulinski.

In the flick, a dirtied-up Evans dons long dark hair and dark facial hair to play Robert Pronge, a hitman nicknamed Mister Softee, alongside Michael Shannon.

"It's a character," Iceman director Ariel Vromen tols us at last night's Hollywood premiere of the flick about the hunky actor's makeunder. "He stepped into Mister Softee."

Vromen says it didn't take long to transform Evans into the unkempt killer. "It was just a wig and a few bunches of hair," he dished.

Shannon also sports some facial hair for the flick.

"Working with Chris Evans was fantastic," Shannon dished to us. "We had a lot of fun together. We had fun disappearing into the era, the time, the place, putting on our funny hair and funny costumes."

"He's just a great guy, Chris," he added. "I really enjoyed working with him."

As for what costar Winona Ryder thinks of managing to make normally hunky Evans look not so hot? "It's weird, huh?" she quipped. "How did they do that? I don't know."

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