Are Giuliana and Bill Rancic are already talking about adding another baby to their brood?

Not so fast, you guys. Giuliana clarified the buzz swirling around the rumor mill and said that she and Bill aren't ready to make baby Duke an older brother just yet.

"We have not taken that step," she told E! News at the Upfronts on Monday. "What we had told [interviewers] was that when we are ready to have a baby, the wheels are in motion. Meaning, we've been through IVF, we have embryos ready."

Giuliana Rancic, Duke Rancic

Courtesy of Giuliana Rancic

But the new mom hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of baby No. 2, either, saying, "Trust me, if we do take that next step, it's not like I'm not going to tell my family first?!"

While on the carpet, Rancic proudly showed off a photo of herself carrying her 7-month-old son in a sling on her chest.

"I was around the neighborhood with him and people think I'm carrying a toddler," she joked of her son's growth over the past few months.

So how would Giuliana manage if she had two babies to carry? "I want to carry one in the front and one in the back," she said, laughing. "It would probably break my back!"

We can't get enough of baby Duke—too cute!

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