David Letterman is a veteran of the TV biz, but he's still got empathy for the newbies!

On Monday's Late Show, the funnyman turned his attention to A.J. Clemente, the North Dakota news anchor who was recently fired after cursing within his first few seconds on air.

"I feel so bad for this guy," Letterman quipped. "This is like a page torn from the Dave Letterman book of life!"

Clemente also became the subject of what most local reporters can only ever dream of: Letterman's Top 10 List.

VIDEO: LOL! Watch A.J.'s original on-air mistake

In the "Top 10 Signs your First Day as a News Anchorman Did Not Go Well," countdown, Letterman poked fun at a few other local anchors' gaffes (looking at you, Sue Simmons!) and offered up some alternatives to on-air swearing that are sure to guarantee a bad first day on the job.

That said, it's not all doom and gloom for Clemente! He might be out of a job—for now—but he tweeted Tuesday that he's going to be appearing on the Today show.

Not a bad step up.

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