Joel McHale, The Soup, Upfronts

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What's better than The Soup? More Soup!

At Monday night's E! Upfront in NYC, The Soup's host and Community funnyman Joel McHale talked with E! News' Kristin Dos Santos about the hit comedy franchise's pop culture investigative spinoff series.

"It's called The Soup Investigates, where we will go more in depth on pop culture stories," McHale explains of the spinoff. "Such as, we will follow a rose from it being picked from a field in Bakersfield, all the way to when it's given to an emotionally damaged game-show contestant on The Bachelor." Finally, someone shines a light on the unsung heroes of reality TV!

So why did McHale decide it was time to expand The Soup empire? And what are Community's chances of coming back next season?

As for what the spinoff's crack team of investigators will be digging up, McHale teases, "We will focus on the things that you didn't know you wanted to know about. You didn't know you wanted this, and now you know you'll have to have it!"

After almost 10 years of hosting The Soup, McHale felt it was time to branch out as he "wanted to find a way to make money while sitting in a chair and making other people do work. We have found a way to do that."

Of course, we had to ask McHale about Community's chances of coming back next season now that NBC is saying goodbye to favorites such as 30 Rock and The Office. "We're like the chubby girl on the dance floor," McHale jokes, before admitting, "I don't know...last episode they just aired I think was one of our best ones, and Jim Rash, Oscar winner Jim Rash, wrote the one this week. Hopefully you will not be disappointed with the ending. There will be sex and violence."

And to answer the obvious question: No, The Soup Investigates' first episode will not be about Community's renewal chances. "I think we'll know before the first episode airs. It'll kind of be like yeah we know, whether it got picked up or it didn't," McHale explains.

If you are hoping to see Community live to see a season five (which should be all of you, ahem), vote for the show in our Save One Show Tournament!

Are you excited for The Soup Investigates? Are you hoping to see Community come back next season? Sound off in the comments!

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