Halle Berry, Twit Pic


Pregnant Halle Berry wasn't lying when she said "mama cannot take time off!"

The expectant star is currently filming X Men: Days of the Future Past where she'll reprise her role as Storm in the highly-successful franchise, and director Bryan Singer took to Twitter today to share a shot of the star on set.

"Storm watch #HalleBerry #XMen #DaysofFuturePast," he captioned the pic of Halle in her all-black costume ensemble, rocking silver hair for the role. 

PHOTO: Halle brings her baby bump on a shopping spree in Argentina

Berry's burgeoning bump is buckled into her action outfit and the soon-to-be mother of two is ready to fly in the on-set snap.

This isn't the first time Singer has taken to Twitter to tease on set pics (although this is the first photo of Halle in costume). He recently shared a shot of Nicholas Hoult, as well as pics of Patrick Stewart and Shawn Ashmore

The Marvel comic's star-studded cast also includes Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, James McAvory, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender and Anna Paquin.

X Men: Days of the Future Past is set to hit theaters in July 2014. 

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