Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA


Not exactly a crowning moment for Melissa King.

The former Miss Delaware Teen USA, who resigned in February after a sex tape surfaced that appeared to feature her (though she denied being the girl in it), pleaded guilty today to underage alcohol possession.

A judge sentenced King to a year of unsupervised probation for the misdemeanor alcohol charge, while a theft charge stemming from an accusation that she stole money from a cash box on a municipal bus in Ocean City, Md., was dropped due to lack of evidence.

According to USA Today, King's attorney said that her boyfriend immediately paid the $100 fine and $45 in court costs so that she could start her freshman year of college with a "clean slate."

Attorney Greg Hannigan also told reporters he would not be answering any "rude or invasive questions" (i.e. inquiries about the sex tape) on his client's behalf.

King, 19, was cited in August after she was pulled over while driving her father's truck because of a cracked taillight and officers found an unsealed bottle of rum inside the vehicle.

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