Beyonce, Tour

Kauffman / GoldenEye/Splash News

First Emilio Pucci released sketches of Beyoncé's stage attire, then the singer debuted—not one, but two!—nipple costumes, and now we get a sneak peek at all the wild fashions in her official Mrs. Carter tour book.

As we come to expect from Jay-Z's wife, the looks in the concert program are extremely fierce. From Ancient Egypt to the Victorian period, the pop star seems to touch on iconic eras featuring powerful women. Bey, of course, being the pop music ruler of modern times. The diva even goes so far as to be covered from head-to-toe in pasty white body paint paired with a matching wig. Not that the outfits could ever take away from her flawless figure. Like her concert costumes, each look displays her incredible bod and allows for lots of leg—her signature style.

But the Grammy-winner doesn't stop at bejeweled bras and skimpy onesies. The diva tops her looks with outrageous head gear that make the royal wedding's fascinators look tame. In total, Beyonce sports at least nine different types of crowns. Would we expect anything less from Queen B?

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