Michael Shannon, Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter, Funny or Die


When "Julia" (aka University of Maryland Delta Gamma Rebecca Martinson) sent out an insane, explitive-filled email to her fellow sorority sisters, it was just begging to be dramatically interpreted with a live reading (or her own reality show. We'd watch).

And who better to step into Becca's c--t punting stilettos than Boardwalk Empire star and go-to villain Michael Shannon. Funny Or Die did just that and the result is as amazing as you'd expect it to be.

(WARNING: The videos below contain explicit language and other sorority insanities.)

Hmm. Rebecca would probably say this isn't intense enough.

I mean, the girls were being "f--king AWKARD," Michael Shannon. Put your back into it.

Below, some more takes on the email. Enjoy, and then go record your own (or just leave it on grandma's voicemail! LOL!).

The Most Popular Girl in School's Version:

How to Make It In Hollywood's Version:

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