Happy Cops, Watertown, Boston bombing

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Hours after one suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing was killed in a shootout with police, a citywide manhunt for the dead man's brother ended in the arrest of 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the town of Watertown. He was taken away in an ambulance after being apprehended.

The celebrity corner of the Twitterverse (along with the rest of it) pretty much exploded with love for Boston, sarcasm over the whole got-him-cornered-on-a-boat thing and appreciation that the day did not end with another death. 

And then there was Donald Trump taking the opportunity to get political (in addition to showing support for Beantown)...

Donald Trump: "Get ALL the info, then quick trial, then death penalty for the Boston killer of innocent children and people! Do not be kind." And: "Is the Boston killer eligible for Obama Care to bring him back to health?"

Olivia Wilde "So goddamn relieved. Boston, I love you. May the bars stay open til dawn."

Rainn Wilson "Congrats, #Boston. Sleep safe tonight."

Kim Kardashian "Watching the news right now. This is insane. I'm glad they finally captured the 2nd suspect!!! #prayersforBoston"

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Bombing suspect

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Shannon Elizabeth: "A HUGE THANK YOU to the Boston Police & everyone who helped put an end to the massive search today. So glad there were no more massive casualties! Thank you from everyone in the USA!!!"

Sophia Bush: "Crying. Yes to this. #MyHeartIsInBoston RT @geekgiant: Where's the Kicktarter to buy all of Boston PD and Boston FD a nice frosty beer?"

Maria Menounos: "Watching live coverage-everyone celebrating the boston police for capturing this f*#ker.incredible work- #BOSTONSTRONGERTHANEVER"

Mark Hamill "I am sicken and heartbroken by the recent events that have unfolded in Boston. My heart goes out to all of those affected by this tragedy"

Josh Groban "So happy that the brave city of Boston can breathe some sigh of relief tonight after being held hostage."

Mia Farrow "I love you #Boston"

Pete Wentz "That's a wrap. Boston I've got alotta love for you."

John Legend "Came off stage to great news in Boston! What a relief."

Joe Mantegna: "Big kudos to the law enforcement community in Boston! Attention all evil doers, you will always get caught!"

Doug Benson: : "A smiley face is a good way to lighten up a tweet. For instance, I hope those Boston terrorists burn in hell! :)"

Josh Charles: "@SophieFlack: So relieved it's over. The boat is less that two blocks from my parents' house! #Watertown"

Jeff Gordon: "Was hoping to c justice served in Boston by the time I ended my day. Hoping this latest report is just that."

Geoffrey Zakarian: "My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston right now, stay close to your loved ones, and in a safe place."

Debi Mazar "I ck'd in w/news all day.Unprecedented closing of a major city for 1st time.Brava Boston!I pray NYC takes the same measures to protect us"

Alyssa Milano "I am so blown away by the police officers and all 1st responders in Boston. Awesome bravery. I salute you! #BostonStrong"

Paul Feig: "Boston PD and FBI rule. Simple as that. You are the best. Congratulations to you all. #iheartboston"

Elizabeth Banks "Standing ovation for the Boston PD and all the Massachusetts first responders. #MassPride"

Ricky Gervais "Well done to the emergency services and response teams of Boston and to the public for their vigilance and cooperation. Great work. Peace."

Charlie Sheen "Bravo..! RT @Boston_Police CAPTURED!!! The hunt is over. The search is done. The terror is over. And justice has won. Suspect in custody."

Watertown, Police, Boston Bombing

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