Friday has come. The weekend is upon us. Let's start it off with proper fanfare by celebrating the victor of this week's Caption This! contest. Following your great many salvos of hilarity, we've succeeded in separating the flotsam from the jetsam. A clear winner has emerged.

Cannonball Runs caption

Congratulations Michael! That was a bullseye. Bullsarse. Brownseye. You understand our meaning, anyway. Take special pleasure in knowing you eeked out a victory over a man who definitely sounds like he knows a thing or two about munitions and/or Scotsmen.

Cannonball Runs Caption 2

Thank you to everyone else who participated! There were solid jokes flying fast and furious this week and this competition was much tighter than any in recent memory. Now it's time to relax and reload, for Monday brings an all new Caption This!

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