Married To Jonas, Recap

Big things are happening in Dani and Kevin's world: They are thinking about moving into the city, the Deleasa's are going to be temporarily crashing at the Jonas estate while they have a new house built, and Kevin has to get ready for the Jonas Brothers' tour in South America!

Jonas Gif Ep 201 - 1

At their hotel, Kevin plays the newest mix of "Pom Poms" for Dani, which she loves (and so does their dog)! However, she isn't in love with the idea for the music video, which Kevin says features the Jonas Brothers surrounded by "trashy cheerleaders."

Jonas Gif Ep 201 - 2

Dani is still on the fence about moving to Manhattan. To give her a nudge in the right direction, Kevin takes her on a shopping trip in NYC that ends with a romantic horse-and-buggy ride. They also check out some potential houses, which all look fabulous. Oh, and we find out Kevin is AMAZING at yo-yoing!

Jonas Gif Ep 201 - 3

Dina and Mikey Deleasa join Dani in the city for makeovers. The girls convince Mikey to get his eyebrows waxed and a fake tan, which he begrudgingly agrees to. We have to admit, his eyebrows have never looked better!

Jonas Gif Ep 201 - 4

Back at the house, the Deleasa family shows up with ALL of their belongings. The girls alone have TWENTY wardrobe boxes. And Dani's mom immediately starts trying to take control of the situation, to the dismay of Mr. Deleasa

Jonas Gif Ep 201 - 5

While eating dinner, Mikey announces that he's planning to move back to LA. Nobody takes the news well, as the Deleasa family values closeness, and the thought of losing Mikey to LA is too much…

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