James Franco, Bullett Magazine

Frederik Heyman/Bullett

James Franco turned 35 today and celebrated the occasion the way most people do: He released a work of poetry.

Franco originally wrote the self-deprecating piece on his 31st birthday. "I have done a few things in the past four years," he noted in his Huffington Post article, "but this poem still captures how I feel on my birthday."

In it, the Oz the Great and Powerful actor reminisces about his childhood and his experiences while on set of his 2010 indie film short Herbert White in Suffolk, Va.

A passage from the poem:

"I've had good and bad birthdays. / And boy do they make me think  / About when I was younger, / When I had no friends and my mom drove me to school / Because I lost my license drunk-driving..."

This isn't the first time Franco has made his poetry public. In January, "Obama In Asheville" hit the Internet after the Presidential Inauguration—to mixed reviews.

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