Justin Bieber, Will.i.am


Justin Bieber's pulling a Tupac, and no, he's not shirtless.

Will.i.am's new music video for "#thatPower" is debuted Friday and features a hologram of the 19-year-old teen heartthrob looking swaggy while singing the song's hook.

The remainder of the video consists of the Black Eyed Peas frontman, wearing a black hat and sunglasses, getting funky in various sci-fi locales with a futuristic sports car and a posse of lookalikes who match his every robotic move.

He subsequently takes out a cube and up pops Bieber's ethereal image again crooning, "And oh, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive/And oh, I can fly, I can fly, I can fly."

Will previous told ET that the clip was "probably the most time-consuming video that I've ever been a part of" because of the time needed to rehearse what he described as "next-level, futuristic type of choreography."

"It's not dance, it's like synchronized movement," he said.

"#thatPower" is the third single from Will.i.am's new solo album, #willpower, which is slated to drop on Tuesday.

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