Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ellen DeGeneres, Matthew Perry, The Ellen Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a nickname you really don't hear that often—especially from one's grandma!

The traffic-stopping actress stopped by Ellen to chat with Ellen DeGeneres and guest cohost Matthew Perry to talk about her Lifetime series The Client List—and Ellen asked, in an interview airing Friday, whether or not J.Love's grandmother is a fan of the sexy show.

"She likes it," the actress revealed. "She ignores the parts that she doesn't like and pretends like they're not happening but she calls me her 'little TV ho.'  And she thinks that's really funny." 

So funny, in fact, that the star's grandma doesn't keep her pet name for her famous grandchild a secret.

Hewitt continued, "But, she does it, like, out loud to people. She'll be like, this is my 'little TV ho.' She's from Texas. I'm like, 'Grandma, not aloud. Like on the phone with me, family joke, funny. Not out loud in the mall or the restaurant.' She gets a kick out of it."

As do we.

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