American Idol, Top 5 Finalists

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

American Idol is down to one of its fabbest fours in years.

In addition to more silent feuding-by-lowering-eyes-while-the-other-is-talking from Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, last night featured fair-to-terrific performances from Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller, Janelle Arthur and Amber Holcomb.

And Thursday, one of those ladies had to go—after singing songs that came out the year they were born, no less!

First, however, Candice was rewarded for her smooth rendition of "Straight Up" with a visit from the artist herself, Paula Abdul.

"Oh my God!" Candice cried. 

"I've been watching this remarkable young lady captivate the audience week after week," Abdul said. "I was really moved that you shared your beautiful vocals on this song that's been like a best friend to me."

Paula also congratulated the judges on picking this year's talent and America "for getting it right.

But did they tonight?

Ryan Seacrest led, in this order, Candice, Angie and Amber to the victory stools before making country singers Kree and Janelle sweat it out during a commerical break.

It was Janelle who ended up on the chopping block and, at this point in the competition, the judges apparently figured it was time to let nature take its course and they let her go home.

Was it Janelle's time to go? Who do you want to see win in a few weeks? Sound off in the comments!

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