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Is the fairy tale already coming to an end? 

The CW's Beauty and the Beast pulled a fast one on fans by having will-they-or-won't-they couple Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) get together…five episodes before the season finale! (How refreshing, right?!) But that doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing for the couple. We chatted with executive producer Jennifer Levin about the obstacles VinCat will face when the drama returns tonight.

Plus, Levin was more than game to dish out teases for the five remaining episodes of the season, including the "epic" season-ender, but first, she tackles the biggest question going into tonight's outing: How far will Evan (Max Brown) go to keep Vincent and Catherine apart? 

Of tonight's episode, Levin explains that a protective (and jealous) Evan will lead Muirfield straight to Vincent. Ruh-roh! "Evan has done this because he's in love with Cat and it's a little bit out of jealousy, and a little bit out of wanting to protect her from Vincent, who he thinks is a force of evil," she previews. "In this episode, he's going to realize that he might have been wrong about Vincent, so he's going to be forced to do something intense in order to rectify the things that he's put in motion." 

But Evan isn't the only man threatening to come between Vincent and Catherine as new ADA Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) will prove to be a major thorn in the newly minted couple's side.

"One thing that they deal with is this issue with Gabe. Gabe is getting closer and closer to the fact that Cat knows the vigilante and what her connection is, so it just causes some conflict between the two of them," Levin teases. "Vincent starts to get jealous of Cat because she gets closer to Gabe, particularly when he reveals that he knows about Muirfield."

Another source of drama for VinCat will come in "Anniversary," in which "Cat starts to think that her mom might still be alive. That causes some tension with Vincent who just wanted to move on, move, past it, move forward and not be dragged into the past."

While Levin won't say much about Cat's mother and the family secrets, she explains, "We did it mostly as a way for Cat and Gabe to come together. That was sort of the motivation behind it."

Finally, we asked Levin to give a one word tease for each of the last five episodes: 

"Heart of Darkness," airing tonight: "Betrayal"
"Playing With Fire," airing April 25: "Revelatory"
"Anniversary," airing May 2: "Emotional"
"Date Night," airing May 9: "Sexy" 
"Never Turn Back," airing May 16: "Epic"

Beauty and the Beast airs tonight at 9 p.m. on the CW

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