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The most surprising thing about Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's latest catfight on tonight's American Idol wasn't that it happened—by now, we know these divas live for the dramz—but rather that, after the show ended, the two seemed to be (gasp!) making nice because we spotted them carrying on an actual, by-all-appearances civil conversation at the judges' table. 

As far as we can tell, those few words are the first the two music superstars have exchanged all season long. What on earth could Mimi and the Barbz babe been dicussing? And why weren't their mics still on so we could eavesdrop??

A temporary truce, however tentative, certainly didn't seem to be on the menu when the night began. The history-making all-ladies' Top 5 performance show had barely started when the two judges cattily disagreed over Kree Harrison's performance of the Black Crowes' "She Talks to Angels." While Mariah thought the Nashville native could sing anything, she also thought Kree was trying too hard with this one—a critique the always sensibly hot Keith Urban agreed with but Nicki most definitely did not. Before we knew what was happening, Nicki was whipping out the faux British accent and telling Mariah to "simmer down, sir." (Huh?) 

"The whole time it was happening onstage, my mouth was dropping," Amber Holcomb, who dared to take on songs by both Mariah and Barbra Streisand, told us backstage after the show. "They [both] wanna get the last word so it never ends! That was something to watch."

Her personal favorite moment? "When Mariah was like, 'So you don't disagree with me?' It was like ding, ding, ding!" Amber said, imitating the sound of a boxing-ring bell.

But alas, there was no KO, at least not this time. Because after Candice Glover slayed her rendition of Mariah and Whitney Houston's "If You Believe," hell froze over and Nicki suddenly gave props(!) to her Idol rival for her performance on the original track. More than once.

"Dude, Nicki like completely complimented Mariah!" Angie Miller, who was one of Jimmy Iovine's faves on this Divas night, shrieked backstage. "They have a secret friendship, I'm telling you! They go on like lunch outings and talk." OK, maybe not. "But It's cool that they actually got along tonight," Angie added.

Kree, who rocked pink lipstick tonight as an homage to Minaj, emphatically agreed. "Something was in the air," she told us of the unexpected truce. "But I'm happy. Maybe they felt some of our girl power."

Perhaps that sisterly spirit will extend to Thursday's elimination show? The judges' save is still in play, and the decision to use it must be unanimous. Do you think Mariah and Nicki can agree on who deserves it?

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Where are your favorite Idol alums now?

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