Paul McCartney


Yoko Ono isn't the only one still trying to give peace a chance.

Like John Lennons widow, Paul McCartney has taken a stand in favor of stiffening gun laws in the United States. The Beatles great did his part recently by recording a message for Voices Against Violence, a campaign started by Tony Bennett and his son Danny to get people to call their congressmen to enourage them to vote in favor of new legislation.

And guess who's serving as head cheerleader?

By texting "MYVOICE" to 877877, you get an automated message from McCartney, after which you're connected to a U.S. senator's office.

"Hi, this is Paul McCartney, and in a minute you will be connected to a congressperson who needs to hear your voice, now. Tell the congressperson that you support common-sense laws that keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people, including criminal background checks on all gun sales," he says.


"Enough is enough. Please add your voice—and thank you for adding your voice to end gun violence."

Other celebrtiy Voices Against Violence supporters include Alec BaldwinJosh GrobanRosie O'Donnell and Mia Farrow.

On March 20, which would have been their 44th wedding anniversary, Ono tweeted a photo of the blood-spattered glasses Lennon was wearing when he was gunned down by Mark David Chapman in 1980 as part of a plea for tougher gun control in the U.S.

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