Grumpy Kitty

The Internet exists for two reasons: Porn and adorable animals. Do not mix the two.

For all those animals who've made their owners famous online (and regular animals that do animal stuff, sure whatever), today is National Pet Owner's Day. You'd think it would be a day to celebrate ourselves, the humans. But you would be wrong.

We do pick up their poop. So, it's pretty clear who is in charge. Instead, we're counting down five of our favorite pets that made it big on the World Wide Web. And a few more that you should get to know immediately.

VIDEO: Check out this super talented cat who can score soap operas!

1. Grumpy Cat: Queen of the Internet, Tardar Sauce, is famous for being, well, grumpy. 

2. Sam the Cat with Eyebrows: This concerned kitten is prime fodder for meme making.

Eyebrow Cat Memes

3. Maddie on Things: A master of standing on things (or of things standing on her).

Maddie Dog, Instagram


4. Mally the Monkey: Justin Biebers pet monkey is the king of Instagram. Swaggy!

Justin Bieber, Monkey


5. Fainting Goats: If you thought kittens ruled YouTube, you were mistaken. It's goats.

So who will be the next pet to make it big on the Internet? Possibly one of these cuties...

This sloth who loves his cat friend a little too much:

Suki, the 8-month-old kitten who is trained really well:

And this puppy who struggles to get out of a bowl:

Yay! So much cuteness!

Now, go film your pet doing something adorable. Because, otherwise, what's the point of being a pet owner?

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