Welcome to the Captain

Cliff Lipson /CBS

Good evening, tubers! Tonight CBS launches the new comedy, Welcome to the Captain, starring one of my all-time TV faves (and the only actor ever to make me snot-laugh during a set visit), Mr. Jeffrey Tambor.

Captain stars Tambor, Chris Klein and Fran Kranz as three residents of a storied old Los Angeles apartment building. Jeffrey is one of the building's grand old men, and young Fran plays Josh, a depressed screenwriter who has moved in following a bad breakup. Honestly, the comedy is a bit broad for my taste, and sometimes the pacing is slower than I'd prefer, but even so, Jeffrey Tambor as an over-the-hill Three's Company writer taking a new kid under his wing can only be good times. I'd rather see him in an Arrested Development movie (you did see that scoop, right?), but until that comes around, this will just have to do.

After you see it tonight, it's your turn to weigh in on Welcome to the Captain. Vote in the poll below, and sound off in Comments.

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Welcome to the Captain?
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