Nick Lachey's Home Movies of Baby Camden Play on Live! With Kelly and Michael

7-month-old "grows up" before our eyes while dad sings "Another Day Is Done" off of his new album, A Father's Lullaby

By Natalie Finn Apr 17, 2013 10:10 PMTags

Kill us with cutenesss, why don't you, Nick Lachey?

The proud papa wasn't just content with showing off a new pic of his now 7-month-old son Camden during his appearance today on Live! With Kelly and& Michael

No, he brought along home movie highlights of himself, wife Vanessa Lachey and their bundle of joy to play while he performed "Another Day Is Done"—which is as heartwarming as it sounds—off of his latest album, A Father's Lullaby.

They could have at least gone with the disclaimer, "Warning: What you are about to see is adorable and could quite possibly make you misty-eyed."

"It's like flying by," Lachey said, marveling with Ripa and guest cohost Mark Feuerstein at where the time went. "Everyone says this, but it's true. When you're going through it. It seems like yesterday he was born and now it's 7 months. He's sitting up, he's almost crawling, it's crazy."

"He's into the belly-laughing thing now, so it's all about tickling him," he said. "A kid laughing is really the most magical sound I think I've ever heard."

No wonder Lachey plans to bring the whole family along when he heads out on tour with a regrouped 98 Degrees next month!

"I can't stomach the idea of being gone for two and a half months and not seeing him," said the hands-on dad. "He changes so much day to day. I'd come back from tour and he'd wonder who the heck I was. I don't' want to have that absence from what he's going through in his development."

Advised by Feuerstein that he'd be coming home from a long night of performing, only to have the baby handed to him, Lachey boasted, "The beautiful thing is, he'll be asleep at that point."

"Oh, is that how you planned it in your head?" Ripa asked, smiling.