Chrissy Teigen

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Chrissy Teigen is backing off the booze.

The stunning supermodel has taken to Twitter to tell her fans she's giving up alcohol with the hope of being held responsible by her 223,000 followers to stick to her sober pledge.

"I feel like if I say this publicly, the chances of me succeeding will rise. I, am going sober. First for a month, then taking it from there," John Legend's fiancée tweeted this morning

She continued, explaining the reason behind her newfound sobriety, "Alcohol just not as fun and relaxing as it used to be. Want to feel really truly good again!" the brunette beauty wrote.

"The hard part will be always having to be at events / dealing with people ah. I take it as a nice challenge," she admitted before adding, "Oh god I forgot about airports thanks for the reminder and the half-support guys!"  

But don't think there's a substance abuse problem behind Teigan's change in boozy behavior:

"Oh geez. Nothing crazy happened! Just don't enjoy it like I used to. No other reasons necessary sometimes," the 27-year-old star explained.

Well, there ya have it. Best of luck, Chrissy! 

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