You know how they say that if you put enough monkeys with typewriters in a room they'd eventually write Shakespeare? Well if you give one cat a keyboard, it'll compose the score for a soap opera immediately.

"A girl I like said the music in her favorite soap opera is so bad, that her cat could have written it," the mastermind behind this video explained on Reddit. "I decided to test this theory, with great success."

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The scene is a wedding ceremony from The Young and the Restless and, anyone with a masters degree in composing can tell you, the ominous notes following the I-dos are a clear indication that this composer cat wanted to hint at the couple's eventual demise and bitter custody battle, followed by one of them dying and having their brain transplanted into their twin who wakes up with an evil vendetta (probably).

Now, if only those monkeys would hurry up and write some more soap scripts, because the cat composing union is ready and waiting. We're not even looking for Shakespeare, Curious George, even mediocre will do just fine.

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