Tom Cruise, Suri Cruise

Sara Jaye Weiss/

Tom Cruise may be one of the busiest actors in Hollywood, but the doting dad's already carved out time for daughter Suri's 7th birthday.

The Oblivion star phoned into On Air With Ryan Seacrest this morning and revealed he's quite the planner when it comes to his kids' birthdays. In fact, he's already finished organizing little Suri's celebration and he's even picked out all her B-day presents.

"Done already. All done," he said when Ryan asked if he's ready for Suri's big 0-7. "I take care of the kids early. You know, you have to plan ahead for these things. It's all done, all celebrated."

What a good dad!

And the father of three also admits he's ready to indulge in a few sugary treats. 

"Oh yeah," the fit actor said when asked if he ever cheats on his diet. "I'll eat cake, cupcakes. I eat all that stuff." 

Sounds like the devoted dad has some fabulous plans in store. You're a lucky girl, Suri!

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