Tracy Anderson Leggings

Courtesy:; Getty Images

It's safe to say, we know what Gwyneth Paltrow will be wearing at the gym from now on. Her long-time trainer and now business partner, Tracy Anderson, just launched her own line of leggings and we're betting the Oscar winner's already has a pair in each print.  

The leggings, which are a mix of nylon and Lycra spandex, couldn't come at a better time after the epic recalling of celebrity favorite brand Luluemon's yoga pants. Of course, Anderson's leggings come in more than just your average black. Her collection includes polka dots, plaid, and even a sparkly design.

So what does her BFF Paltrow think of the new clothing collection? "She signs off on everything. We're equal partners. In the Brentwood Studio, she picked every single thing herself," Tracy told WWD. The leggings, $60, as well as T-shirts and sports bras are now available on Tracy Anderson's website

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