Matt Damon,


Matt Damon 's devotion to the Boston area is well known.

The actor wrote a piece for the Boston Globe last month, reflecting on the city's famed marathon that both his father and brother ran multiple times. And since Monday's events, the piece is even more poignant.

"I'll never forget standing there in the crowd with my brother, Kyle, as we looked first for Bill Rodgers, and then, in the very same race as some of the most talented runners on earth, our smiling (and grimacing) 40-year-old dad," Damon wrote.

After going further into his father's race, the actor said, "The word 'Boston' is itself a hallmark in the international running community, forging a bond by the very sound of it between all who count themselves among its ranks and those who aspire to them.

"The strict qualifying standards, originally implemented to thin the growing field, ironically, today only enhance the race's appeal to people whose primary motivation in running is not medals. Now many run for a slimmer waistline, a healthier lifestyle, or simply the challenge of completing 26.2 miles."

The star noted that his brother "fell victim to the Boston Marathon's seduction," and would serve as a waterboy while he cheered his family on during their run.

"The drama was enough to propel my brother to literally follow our dad's footsteps and also run the race four times," Damon recalled. "To this day both my father and brother have their bib numbers archived with their most prized possessions and describe their experiences as some of the most emotional moments of their lives."

Damon ends the piece on a poignant note, with a sentiment that is even more powerful in light of the attacks of Monday. Writing about the altrustic spirit that many bring to the race, he wrote "These people are doing something good for themselves—and for others. How great is that?"

Considering the acts of heroism and selfless action in response to those in need on Monday, his words are even more true now.

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