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Prom! Death! Pop stars! Oh my!

Talk about a jam-packed Spoiler Chat! In today's column, we've got scoop on what The Vampire Diaries' two big bads are up to at the prom and True Blood's "sad" death in the new season, and we also got our hands on an exclusive picture of a pop star performing on 90210! If that's not enough for you, we've got insider info to share on Parks and Recreation and Teen Wolf, plus spoilers on Scandal and more...

Johnny D.: Any Revolution news?
Break out your calendars, because NBC has pushed Revolution's finale date to Monday, June 3, after bumping Monday night's episode for news coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Tanner: Will we finally see Silas in the prom episode of The Vampire Diaries?
Silas will take on different forms throughout Thursday night's episode, that sneaky little bastard! As for the show's other big bad (loosely using that term), Klaus? Look for the show to set up The Originals spinoff in a major way by episode's end.

Kennedy: In desperate need of Teen Wolf spoilers, please and thank you!
‘Tis the season of the Alphas! Not only did the new promo for the third season tease Scott's Alpha potential, but we can reveal that episode 11 is titled "Alpha Pact." "What's cool about them is that they are all unique and they're all individuals, so they do each have their own agenda," Tyler Posey tells us of the new Alpha Pack members. "All in all, they're all here together doing one thing, but they each have their own storylines, which is really cool. It's really cool."

Wendie in Chesterton, Ind.: After Aubrey Plaza's stunt at the MTV Movie Awards, I love her more. Can you tell me what's next for April on Parks and Rec?
Big things are happening for everyone on Parks and Rec as the season winds down. April being put in charge of Animal Control is a nice prelude to bigger and better things for her. Unfortunately, those things might take her out of the Parks Department…for good. Plus, someone else might be leaving the government grind in an upcoming episode. But if you really think about, most of the characters are spread all over the place now, and the show does just fine including everyone. Oh, and did we mention that there's a big development coming up with one of the P-Rex couples? Shhhh, you didn't hear it from us!

Olly Murs

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Deidra: Any 90210 scoop you'd care to share?
How about an exclusive first look at Olly Murs performing on the CW soap?  The pop star comes to America's most famous zip code when Liam and Navid ask him to do a special performance for the teen pro surfer they are trying to get as their first sponsored athlete. As for the series finale, we're happy to report there are no deaths. Phew!

Sarah P.: You are rocking the True Blood spoilers! More more more more more…more?
So less? Kidding. Sharpen your fangs on this juicy (but sad) piece of scoop. Episode seven is called "The Funeral," and it may or may not have to do with what Anna Camp recently told us about the new season. "There's a lot of death. I've had sad read-throughs recently," she told our own Marc Malkin at the MTV Movie Awards. "It's too sad. Like, some people cried." Uh-oh. Who would the T.B. powers that be dare take away from us?!

Daisy: I know you just spoke to Beauty and the Beast's executive producer, so I want some scoop!
All right, all right! J.T. and Vincent are getting a new bachelor pad! "It took us a long time to find it, we spent a lot of time," Jennifer Levin teases of the duo's new digs. "It's not a warehouse, it's not a tunnel. We wanted a place that's inviting, that Cat would want to be in. It's kind of awesome." So yes, Cat will be spending a lot of time there. Bonus: Check back later for an exclusive sneak peek from Thursday's episode!

Maryanne: Kerry Washington for Girl on Top champion! Speaking of, can I get Scandal scoop?
Nice segue. Very subtle. Luckily, we have a season finale tidbit for you. Gird your loins, gladiators, because in the season finale, there is a situation involving EMTs. Yikes? Yikes.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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