Drake Bell, Twit Pic


Maybe Drake Bell is actually one of those "insane" Justin Bieber fans that he's talking about? Or maybe he just likes to push people's buttons. 

The Splash contestant and former Nickelodeon star has made it very clear that he enjoys poking fun at the young pop singer, and today he gave Beliebers something else to enjoy.

"Leaving dive practice," Bell tweeted, with a photo of himself from the back, wearing a purple (J.B.'s favorite color) baseball cap that said "Bieber Fever."

Touché, Drake. Touché.

Bell recently called the pop star out on Twitter, accusing him of coming up with his own tunes. "Doing some writing," Bieber posted on Twitter. "Yeah right," the TV star responded. After being attacked via tweets by millions of angry Beliebers, the 26-year-old star attempted to backtrack on his criticism, "Guys get over it! I don't 'hate' Justin bieber!! His fans are the problem!! I've never said he was gay or had no talent! It is his fans!!!!"

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

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