While we don't have the ability to get inside people's heads like Simon Baker's character on the Mentalist, we're pretty sure most women who've peeped his ad for Givenchy's new Gentlemen Only fragrance can't help but think the Aussie actor is undeniably hot!

Despite being drenched in rain in the French fashion house's ad, the 43-year-old nevertheless manages to look-oh-so-dapper in a navy suit, while chivalrously offering his umbrella to a damsel in distress. Swoon!

But what does Baker think about his latest starring role? He dished all about his stint as a model in an exclusive on-camera interview with E! News

Simon Baker, Givenchy Gentlemen Only Ad


"I like the idea of the fragrance reintroducing the concept of being gentlemen," he shared. "I think men have developed enough sort of emotionally and mentally to be able to carry themselves in a way where they put their best foot forward."

The handsome man from the Land Down Under definitely puts his best foot in as a gallant guy in the ad. And as if that wasn't enough, this Givenchy gentleman's also got brains. In fact, he helped come up with the concept for the ad campaign, which draws inspiration from a previous ad that merely shows a man's hand as he holds an umbrella over a woman.

So, is Baker the type of guy to give up his umbrella for a gal caught in a downpour?

Yes, but he also thinks being a gentleman involves being "thoughtful and kind."

You read our minds, Simon. 

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