Beyonce, Drake

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Drake knows what's up.

Girls (and boys, dogs, unicorns—everyone!) love Beyoncé. Late Monday night, the 26-year-old rapper released a new, NSFW song, aptly titled "Girls Love Beyoncé." In the track, James Fauntleroy even covers a portion of Destiny's Child's 1999 hit "Say My Name."

"Look, I know girls love Beyoncé," Drake raps, then quickly turns to, "Girls love to f--k with your conscience / Girls hate when n---as go missing, and shawty you ain't no different."

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(Reminder: Wear headphones if necessary. NSFW language below.)

"These days it's hard to meet women / Feel like my love life is finished / I've been avoiding commitment / That's why I'm in this position," he goes on. "I'm scared to let somebody in on this / No new friends, no, no, no, no / You know how this s--t goes."

Drake, with the help of Mr. Fauntleroy, rap-sings, "If you're alone, then say my name, say my name, say my name." (Y'all remember the chorus.)

The rest of the track continues with more from Drake on the woes of women, and of course, the vintage Destiny's Child track remains the hook.

Heartbreak Drake's come a long way since his Jimmy Brooks days!

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